Wednesday, September 21, 2022

  Everybody has a story

I have lately been caught up in inspirational quotes, sayings, and stories. Lately that has put me in reflection and thinking.

Have you ever wanted to sit down and just wanted to tell your story to someone and say “ I lived that!”

I have actually done that!

I have explained my stories several times over.

From my experiences with having Hemihypertrophy to my hemorrhagic stroke which happened six years ago.

As I explained my stories several times, I have inspired people that there will definitely be struggles, but you will get through them and it will be okay on the other side 

There are so many different inspirational stories out there, ones that have been heard and not heard, published and not published, believed and not belives.

I am starting to read a really neat book called “ Girl wash your face by Rachel Hollis, it’s about being empowered and it’s in the self-help genre.

I am enjoying this book, it’s had me really thinking me thinking about how life works.

I would recommend this book to anybody.

There are so many different types of books out there!

If you think of it this way, there are so many people out there that haven’t explained their story or they haven’t even written down their story on a piece of paper.

You are probably thinking Caylee, this is crazy!

But imagine some of the stories that would be told, there would be such a wide variety and probably some would be inspiring to someone else.

I have even played around on google to see what comes up, there are so many good things, music, videos mostly, but also news stories, and of course different quotes.

There is one inspirational video from Shamar Moore, but unfortunately, I could not get a link for you, but he talks about telling your story.

I can tell you just recently I have explained my story several times when people have asked questions about me or my work story and yes I have inspired a few people about what I have done.

If you are not ready to sit down and tell your story, there might be someone ready for you to listen and get inspired by what they hear.

Let me leave you with this thought!

There are so many inspirational stories out there within this negative world right now, find that inspirational and positive story, quote, song, or video that makes you want to do something!

Much Love!

Friday, June 10, 2022

                                                 Ode To Summer!

As I was walking to work last Thursday, I was crossing the road and my children’s crossing guard asked me “ Where is the next blog?”  She verbally kicked me in the pants!

I started having those million Mom thoughts about what summer is going to be like, my oldest is working and my youngest just wants to explore.

Then I started thinking about other families and what everyone might be up to.

The school year is quickly winding down, we only have weeks left of school. “HOLY COW!

There is so much that we can do, during the summer!

Let me give you a list of ideas that are easy on the wallet:

  • There are so many wonderful parks around Owen Sound to visit 

  • The library, which has some great summer programs

  • So many wonderful beaches 

  • Launch your kayak or canoe 

  • Pack a lunch or snacks and discover a new gem!

There is also ;

  • The many theme and non theme day camps

  • There are some overnight camps that are a short drive away 

  • Different farmers markets

Of course there is your own backyard to explore and find new and different things.

I know within our household we are exploring our backyard and around Owen sound.

We are staying close to home, because of the crazy gas prices and of course other issues that are out there.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not turning into a hobbit and staying home, I swear!

It’s the crazy gas prices, and the high cost of other things.

If we decide to do a small road trip, I plan on packing snacks and a picnic lunch and spend the day there.

I believe that it is going to be an expensive summer with prices and gas.

If we look at the other side of it!

The kids and families haven't really had a real summer break in the last two years due to Covid 19 .

So they should really enjoy the summer the way that they want to.

I know my kids will be!

I just want to leave you with a concluding thought;

What are your plans for the summer?

Friday, May 6, 2022

                                           May the force be with you


For those who celebrate this day and who are considered Star Wars fans.

Today I am embracing my inner Star Wars geek and trying to learn the ways of the force! But I think I have a long road ahead of me.

I know a little bit of the series but once I get to know the story, somehow it changes!

Usually, when I write a blog issue, I jump right on Google, this time I have been listening to a Podcast called “STAR WARS STUFF”  as well with guidance from my husband to start reading the books, starting with “ Episode 1 the phantom menace”

As well, I was thumbing through Tik Tok and came across a minister in the states that does Tik Toks on Star Wars and other movies and relates them to everyday life, it was very interesting!

I was listening to the podcast episode and they were talking about the history of star wars day, it was not actually May 4, the original star wars day was May 25, 1977.

For the real star wars geeks, the month of May is pretty much an iconic month, some of these days include:

  • May 1st 501st day 

  • May 4th May the 4th be with you

  • May 5th Revenge of the 5th

  • May 10th Solo. A Star Wars Story 2018 

  • May 14th George Lucas’ Birthday 1944

  • May 16th Attack of the Clones 2002

  • May 19th The Phantom Menace 1999

Revenge of the Sith 2005

  • May 21st The Empire Strikes Back 1980

  • May 25th A New Hope 1977, 

Return of the Jedi 1983 

  • May 27th Obi Wan Series release 2022 

Sourced from Chris Lingard 

Okay so let's talk about having Star wars with our life, I finally had to go to google and I found the answer in the question part of google.

Did you know that:

The Rebels' battle against the empire was based on the Vietnam war…

The Knights Templar was inspired for the Jedi council

Just to name a few.

As I was embracing my inner Star Wars, I was asking my husband multiple questions about where I should start for this blog, he answered all of the questions. So for the person in your family that is a fan of the franchise, Christmas and birthdays should be easy, just add to the collection, may it be a book or something else.

There is so much of this franchise that I really don’t understand, but I can tell you that I do have a lightsaber, but there are people that have production accurate costumes and belong to an actual group.

I can definitely tell you that this issue was hard to do because there is so much I could touch on, such as star wars vs star trek, and of course, there is Star Wars a religion. I know this issue may have been a little plain, but my inner star wars was screaming to come out.

I want to leave you with a quote that I heard from the podcast that I have been listening to “ Look forward to those dreams, and aspire to them as hard as you can!”

May the force be with you !

Tuesday, April 26, 2022


Have you noticed lately that when you go to the Grocery store, the prices are through the roof!

I sure have!

Did you know, for a family of four the average grocery bill is $863.00 a month, I’m shocked! That was found on

They also gave some really good ideas for stretching the grocery bill for example “ If you have leftovers take them for lunch”

Take-out food isn’t getting any better, with new restaurants popping up here and there around Owen Sound, for example, look at Heritage grove plaza with the new Burger King and Firehouse Subs right across the road.

I’ve lately been trying to stretch meals some nights or even if the fridge is full from dinners from the other nights, we will have leftovers night and that cleans out the fridge most of the time.

I was having dinner with my family and this topic came to me, with a few questions in mind;

  •  How do other family members try to cut their shopping bills in half or even how do you stretch your grocery bill?

  • Are we the only family that has this problem?

As well, I was thinking about single parents and people that are low income or have large families.

So I started looking at some ideas to help everyone.

I thought of a few such as:

  • Don’t go shopping hungry 

  • Have a shopping list

I thought that I would expand this list so I went looking a little further, here is a site that I found that also may work.

  • See what’s on sale/check the flyers 

  • Use coupons wisely

  • Get to know the prices-write down the regular prices of food that you buy

  • Buy in season

These are some ideas that I have found from

So with all of the technology that we have today, there are so many apps that can be used, when going grocery shopping, such as “ Flipp” and “” which I have on my phone.

For the people that choose not to use technology, you can use an accordion envelope and sort the coupons into the right spot for later use.

There are so many ways we can cut our grocery bill in different ways.

There is also a video that caught my eye, from global news about “ 12 ways to save money on the next grocery bill”

There were some points that I didn’t even think of, such as if you have an optimum card or even a PC financial card and use the points from them to get free groceries,

I have also expanded my search to “ How to save money on groceries 2021”

The first thing that came up was ;

25% by generic brands instead of name brand

23% Make a grocery list and stick to it!

And that’s only a few.

I know what I want to do, cut my bill in half and save money and follow some of the tips that I have shared with you.

As I conclude this issue, I just have one question for you.

Do you have ways to cut your grocery bill in half?


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

 To Mask or not to Mask 

 So it’s been a couple of weeks since the mask mandate has been dropped, but really hasn’t!

I’m not just going to jump off the deep end or get negative about it.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but some people are still wearing them.

I’m still wearing my mask at work, as well as my husband, while he is at work and my children often wear masks at school when necessary.

When I leave my home, I bring my mask with me just in case I need it, the common question I have now is “ Do I need a mask?”

I have been thinking about this for quite some time!

The other thing that I have been thinking of as well is, “ What is life going to be like after Covid is gone?” 

As the weather changes, “ How do you see your family dealing with the new changes?

Are you looking forward to going back to that favorite spot that you frequent before covid came to be?

What about those playdates, or social gatherings that you had.

There are so many questions within the next step of Covid, as well as having a normal life again after.

If you look at it, we’re slowly moving in the right direction but, still being cautious while we are out with the public.

This brings me to this thought, when my kids are out in public they have the automatic sense of wearing a mask, but realizing that it is not necessarily needed, it’s become second nature for them.

I thought I could find some more information about this topic, so I went to Google about the topic, but I came across a news article from CTV News about the mask mandate and how we still have to wear masks in hospitals, long term care settings and in conjugating areas, which I think is a great idea.

I have come to the conclusion, that my family and I will wear our masks when we are out with the public to stay on the cautious side of this pandemic, as the numbers are slowly coming up.

I would like to leave you with this old saying that has stuck with me “ It’s better to be prepared, than not to be prepared at all!”

In other words, it is better to have that mask than not to have one at all.

Stay safe my friends!

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Slava Ukraine

Slava Ukraine

I recently experienced something, that I have never experienced before!
I’m talking about the Ukraine Vigil, that was held on the front lawn of
St. George's church on Sunday, March 13, 2022.

As this small group of people stood there under a grey and lightly
snowing sky, as well as a damp evening, we listened to different
people offer prayers and many stories to help with the
reflection, thinking of the Ukraine people fleeing the bombing of
their country and their home.

As we received a candle and lit them, we stood and listened to a
piece of instrumental music called Slava Ukraine from
Marcus Paus, it was beautiful!

As that song was playing, I kept thinking about all the families
that have been displaced and walking along the road with just one
bag of belongings. We then heard the Ukraine national anthem,
I was getting all choked up!

As a Mom and having my girls there, I just kept on thinking of the
fathers that had to say goodbye to their wives and children and
had to join the front lines, and the women and children
traveling to a different country to start a new life, not knowing if
they’ll see their sons, brothers, and husbands ever again. Then, my mind went to all of the children that have been orphaned, I feel so distraught.

Since this war has started, I have heard and seen, so many
stories about families fleeing the country, as well hearing about
pregnant mothers giving birth in bomb shelters or even in an
underground subway station. It just blows my mind that this is happening right now. As people came up and offered prayers and spoke, I just wanted to go up and hug them, and say “ We’re here to help!”
But really! While my youngest was standing there with her candle all I
could think of was what questions she would have for me after the
vigil was over, and she had a pile of questions, such as “ Mom
how can I help the little children of Ukraine?”

As things were progressing, the vigil was moving and to me I felt
very moved emotionally about the whole program. With my family and friends there, I felt a sense of closeness yet somberness.

When President Volodymyr Zelensky has spoken about his
country he had said some powerful stuff and I want to leave you
with a quote from him.

“When you attack us, you will see our faces. Not our backs, but our

Slava Ukraine

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Fresh Start!

Happy Belated New Year!

As I was getting my children and husband ready for school and work this morning, I was thinking in the back of my head, what I should do with my day?

I thought, it’s my day off, I could do the mom thing and clean the house and prep dinner, but that was already half done. 


I was really thinking about it and there was this feeling that I had, it felt like an old friend coming back to say hello again! It was blogging for the family ministry at St. Georges!


So here in my peaceful house, I am starting a fresh page for this year, and I am going to be blogging about my experiences as a Mom and family and sharing it on the family ministry blog. 


I just love it when January comes around every year.  I think, “how can I make myself better?” How can I make something that I was excited about last summer and work it into getting back into the workforce after being off for four years? So, when I sat with my family in our home, watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, I was thinking, I want to let go of 2021, to concentrate on 2022, and make it a positive year.


 Taking time and being a family and experiencing neat things in and around Grey County and sharing them with other families. Some moms are standing up and clapping saying, “thank you!” Some are probably saying “Oh Good! You’re back! Where did you go over the last bit? Well friends, I am back, and I want to share the love of family ministry with you and not leave you in the dark or just not write at all. 


So I have made a fresh start, by writing some more about different topics that come to me from time to time and trying to make this blog successful. I hope that this has made you think about your own fresh start. It might be something within yourself or around your home or with your family. Stop and think about this because I certainly have been lately.


I always love to hear from people about their thoughts and feedback on different topics, or something that would be interesting. Let me know if there is something in particular that you would like me to write about. Here’s to new beginnings in 2022!